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(en) Full stack Java+Angular

(en) Full stack Java+Angular

Извините, этот текст доступен только на “Американский Английский”.

(en) Requirement skills:


  • Good knowledge of Java Core 8+
  • Good knowledge Spring (Core, Web, Data, Boot)
  • Good knowledge of SQL
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Angular 5+, Type Script
  • Understanding REST API concepts
  • Understanding principles of HTTP protocol
  • Hands-on experience in Unit testing: JUnit, Mockito
  • Experience with Lombok, Mapstruct, OpenAPI
  • Experience JIRA, GIT, Maven, Jenkins
  • Understanding principles of validation (XML/XSD, Json/JSON Schema)
(en) Will be a plus:


  • Experience with ESB solutions (IBM Integration Bus, Apache Camel or other)
  • Experience with messaging: RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, ActiveMQ
  • Knowledge of docker, Kubernetes
  • Familiarity with GNU/Linux
  • Familiarity with ELK stack
  • Ready to consider a student
(en) What we offer:


  • Remote work or comfortable office on Kontraktova square (candidate can choose)
  • Friendly team of experienced developers
  • The ability to switch projects, try yourself in different roles
  • Conferences and trainings, English classes
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Medical insurance
  • Completely “white salary” or working as Private Entrepreneur of your choice
(en) Responsibilities:


  • Full lifecycle application development
  • Produce clean, efficient, well-documented codebase
  • Deliver maintainable, high-quality software with good level of test coverage
  • Troubleshoot existing and potential problems quickly and efficiently
  • Be active part of the team


Send your resume to Ruslan.Shukhrov@rostgroup.com.ua. Contact person: Ruslan. You can also respond on our website by filling out the form below. In this case, be sure to indicate in the comments the vacancy to which you are responding.

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