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    Relocating Senior programmer from capital city to a tiny town is a feasible task for us!

    Our regular client contacted us with atypical request: to find Senior C#/C++ developer with niche expertise in development areas. The request was atypical because this customer is the industrial company that does not specialize in IT. And usually, requests were related to the search for engineering and production personnel.

    The task was complicated by the fact that the location of the work is situated in a tiny resort town in western part of Ukraine.
    Besides, high-level programmers do not tend to move to small towns. Statistically, experienced developers are eager to move to a big city or overseas.
    We faced the opposite task.

    Our actions

    Firstly, we developed an interesting job description for job portals and specialized communities on the Internet. We also developed an effective action plan for search of relevant candidates, taking into account the specifics of the job.

    Secondly, we have worked through our existing base of specialists in this area.

    Thirdly, we expanded our search area to Poland as well.

    And finally, the most important thing in such search is persistence and a lot of work to be done. We ended up finding and contacting 1,854 programmers over the course of this project.


    As soon as on the 5th day we were able to send first candidates to our client.
    Totally we selected 10 specialists with whom we continued to work actively.
    In 1.5 months our finalist joined the enterprise and successfully works there till today.

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