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Save your time, take advantage of using expert help from HR professionals. Get effective solutions backed by the trust of our partners. Cooperation with us is the key to healthy image of your business.


national and international partners


successfully completed projects

Transfer of certain business processes.

We implement trusted business processes in full extent in various segments.


Search and recruitment.

We find the best specialists at all levels in various fields.

Counseling and employment for employees who are to be dismissed.

Outplacement will help to make dismissal process environmentally friendly and keep the reputation of the employing company.



Flexible headcount management tool.

Providing temporary staff.

We provide necessary staff for an agreed period of time or project.


Recruitment for the same type of positions.

Mass search and recruitment of personnel in a short period of time for similar vacancies.

Delegating business process to HR provider.

Effective implementation of flexible management and personnel accounting tools.


Payroll calculation and accounting.

We perform accurate salary calculation in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.