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Outsourcing of labor protection and fire safety

Technological progress and intense influence of competition are rapidly changing labor conditions, processes and organization. The technosphere has become a serious danger to humans.

Unfortunately, companies often neglect labor protection due to lack of knowledge of the law, underestimation of consequences and risks.

In most companies budget for labor protection is severely limited. In this regard employer assigns functions of labour protection specialist to persons without appropriate training in addition to other duties or involves specialists with low qualifications, experience and motivation.

Mistakes of such employees come up when there is no time to solve them (emergency, accident or inspection).

Outsourcing is the form of cooperation in which certain types or functions of activities are transferred to specialized company, and it is increasingly resonating with modern and competent managers.

We provide the following:

  • Audit;
  • Development and implementation of documentation;
  • Outsourcing (full or partial).

Our task is safe and stable operation of your business, as well as to minimize the risk of liability in your enterprise, to ensure availability of all necessary documents according to the legislation in force and to conduct necessary training.

The advantages of working with us:

  1. Quality and efficiency: by hiring an outsourcing company you get not an individual person, but staff of experts, that guarantees complete and rapid solution of any tasks assigned to us;
  2. Individual approach: our cooperation is stipulated by the contract wherein we individually specify scope and all details of services provision;
  3. 24/7 support: assigned to your company specialist is always available for any questions;
  4. Solution guarantee: we have enough resources to solve any problem. If complex issues and problems arise, additional subject matter experts are involved in solving them.
Working with us you will get quality service for reasonable money.

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