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    Staff leasing, temporary staff

    Staff leasing is a set of services that optimizes the customer’s business processes with the help of the company provider. It includes personnel search and recruitment, payroll calculation and project managing as a whole.

    You will be interested in this service if:

    1. It is necessary to minimize risks of relations with temporary employees;
    2. It is necessary to respond quickly to the needs of the company in times of seasonality and peak demand
    3. Timely provision of the necessary number of staff is required;
    4. It is necessary to transfer routine functions of temporary employees managing;
    5. Optimization of administrative costs and time resources of own staff is relevant;
    6. It is necessary to improve the efficiency of temporary personnel management;

    Rost Group was one of the first on the Ukrainian market to develop the “personnel leasing” service. Since 2013 total headcount for this service is more than 3,000 employees. Today we lease over 800 workers a year.

    Rost Group team undertakes the following functions within personnel leasing service:

    1. Search and recruitment of the required number of staff;
    2. Maintaining and updating database of temporary employees;
    3. Onboarding and managing relationships with company-approved employees;
    4. Conducting activities and arranging compliance of temporary staff work with labor legislation requirements in terms of labor protection (briefings, etc);
    5. Keeping personnel records on employees;
    6. Opening and managing of bank cards;
    7. Timely calculation and payment of salaries to project employees;
    8. Interaction with all supervisory bodies for employed personnel. Preparation and submission of reports, payment of taxes, etc.;
    9. Other staff managing tasks (accommodation, meals, transfer, etc.).

    Concentrate on key business processes of your company and leave the rest to us.

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