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    Registration of foreigners for work

    Active development of information technologies, Ukraine’s integration into the world community and growth of investment projects give Ukraine the opportunity to open its labor market to foreign nationals.

    Every year more and more Ukrainian companies feel the need to attract highly qualified personnel from near and far abroad, with experience in international and foreign companies.

    Law of Ukraine

    Despite the fact that the government of Ukraine has optimized and simplified the procedure for foreign nationals, legislation still provides for large fines for non-compliance with the norms of legislation on the employment of foreigners.

    As of today, process of preparing documents for foreign nationals’ employment is long, labor-intensive and requires a lot of attention from specialists in human resource management.

    Our company is ready to provide you services for drawing up documents for employment of foreigners, namely:

    1. To develop full pack of documents for submission to the Employment Center, State Migration Service of Ukraine and State Fiscal Service of Ukraine;
    2. To control the process of documents review in state bodies;
    3. To arrange documents translation of a foreign citizen and notarization documents copies;
    4. To represent interests of a foreign citizen in state bodies on the basis of power of attorney;
    5. To help with obtaining of insurance policy and obtaining residence and domicile registration address;
    6. To provide promptly advice at all stages of documents drawing up.
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