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Staff Outplacement

Outplacement, or as often called “soft dismissal”, is the assistance with future employment of an employee who is dismissed from your company as a result of downsizing.

Rost Group company’s career counseling per outplacement program helps to alleviate the distressing process of employee dismissal, making it environmentally friendly for all, showing care and loyalty to your former employees while keeping your reputation.

Our outplacement solution:

  1. Avoiding negative feedback.
  2. Retaining business ties with the specialist, possibility of his/her return to the team when the situation in the company changes.
  3. Maintaining friendly environment in the team. When other coworkers see the concern for the dismissed employee, it increases productivity and loyalty of staff within the company.

Our programs include:

  • Individual consultations with employees about the current situation on the labor market
  • Assistance in making a job search plan
  • Assistance in writing an effective CV
  • Learning of proper and effective use of Internet resources for job search (job sites, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Recommendations of employees in companies of interest and in HR-communities of Ukraine.

Company Rost Group will help you to reduce staff environmentally friendly, prevent possible conflicts and keep the reputation of your company in the labor market.

Do you need assistance with this issue? Call us and our consultants will help you to save your company’s reputation.

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