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    Accounting Outsourcing

    To use services of accounting outsourcing will be well-minded either for large business or small companies and sole proprietors who feel the need in qualified solving of specific issues related to accounting and tax accounting.

    We can take over all or part of the accounting functions of your company.


    What services do we offer?

    1. Comprehensive accounting and tax accounting for sole proprietors, legal entities on single tax or simplified system with and without VAT;
    2. Services for the implementation and restoration of accounting;
    3. Keeping separate sectors of accounting and tax accounting: supporting primary documentation, payroll calculation, advance reports, preparation of all types of accounts and records, other areas of accounting;
    4. Consulting services in the field of accounting and tax accounting.

    What are the benefits of accounting outsourcing?

    1. Savings on the cost of upkeeping full-time accountant or accounting service as a whole;
    2. Receiving advice from lawyers when disputes arise;
    3. You can transfer accounting to outsource company at any stage of business.

    For whom especially will be relevant accounting outsource services?

    1. Companies that are just starting out in business;
    2. Companies that run a seasonal business;
    3. Entrepreneurs who need to restore accounting or reduce their costs.

    Why should one choose Rost Group?

    1. We have been on the market for over 20 years.
    2. Team of experienced accountants and lawyers monitors changes in legislation.
    3. Rost Group specialists take into account your specific business needs and find profitable solutions.

    Do you need services of experienced accountant or lawyer?
    Do you want to implement or conduct full audit of your accounting?
    Do you want to have experienced professionals in-house without expanding your staff?

    Contact us today and tomorrow we will start solving your tasks in the field of outsourcing the accounting function.
    Delegation of authorities is the foundation of a successful business!

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