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    Outsourcing of personnel

    In order to stay competitive in business environment and respond quickly to external factors, one needs to focus own energies on the core areas of the business.

    The solution may be the outsourcing – delegation of minor business processes to specialized companies.

    ROST GROUP is the only provider in Ukraine, which provides full outsourcing of business processes.

    We offer this service in such areas:

    1. Outsourcing of personnel
    2. Outsourcing of external service
    3. Payroll outsourcing
    4. Outsourcing of personnel records
    5. Outsourcing of the accounting function
    6. Outsourcing of labor protection and fire safety, etc.

    Working with us you get quality service and increase efficiency of your key business processes.

    We are ready to offer an individual product, which will take into account all your wishes and interests.

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