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Payroll outsourcing

Payroll calculation is a very responsible and time-consuming process that plays an important role in every company. Correct payroll calculation largely determines the relationship between the employee and the employer.

The legal framework of Ukraine is very complex, and in conditions of constant changes it is very difficult to get into the matter. Questions on correct payroll calculation or correct compiling of report on single social security tax, personal income tax and military tax are relevant to everyone, that’s why services of outsourced payroll are in demand of large companies as well as small businesses.

What do you get by transferring your payroll calculation to outsource?

  1. Payroll calculation twice a month (including all types of accruals and deductions);
  2. Accrual of additional employee bonuses;
  3. Settlement of civil law contracts;
  4. Drawing up and approval of standardized documents for all types of calculations;
  5. Preparation of calculation sheets for employees;
  6. Preparation of employee certificates;
  7. Generation of payment orders and payroll sheets
  8. Preparation and submission of reports to state authorities;
  9. Providing other services related to payroll calculation based on company needs.

Outsourcing of payroll calculation functions has a number of advantages compared to the implementation of calculations by the company’s accountants.

In particular, it is reduction of costs for servicing non-core functions and ability to focus on achieving the main objectives of the company.

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