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    Personnel leasing

    To arrange team of 15 medical representatives in 1 month.

    International pharmaceutical company submitted us request to form a team of experienced medical representatives in all cities with a million-plus population in Ukraine.

    The first challenge was that team of medical representatives was needed for a short-term project of 1 year. This factor reduced the attractiveness of the vacancy to potential candidates.
    The second challenge was that the client company did not provide company vehicles needed for work.
    Our task was to find qualified personnel with their own vehicles ready to use them for work purposes.

    Our actions

    Despite the complexity of the project, we started our work.
    Accumulated experience in personnel search for the pharmaceutical sector of international companies has allowed us to collect a significant base of core specialists.
    The previous experience and active work of our experts allowed us to fulfill the customer’s needs in 1 month.

    During this period 45 candidates were provided to the customer for consideration.
    After all stages of interviews and approvals, 15 people were chosen and employed.
    Thanks to our work the customer got the best of the best employees on the market.
    In addition, we closed additional vacancy “regional manager”, who must supervise the work and performance of the remote team.


    Our customer’s project started successfully within the specified time frame.
    On the basis of work results all planned indicators were achieved.
    As a result, ROST GROUP team has received not only gratitude from the customer, but also permanent partner with whom we successfully cooperate till today.

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