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    To find internal auditor from Big4 companies and to win recruiting race against providers in Russia and Poland.

    Well-known international financial group with long history submitted us request to find internal auditor.
    The client was interested in candidates only from Big4 companies, English speaking to be able to communicate with their direct supervisor in Europe. In addition, this specialist in the structure was the only one responsible for audit issues in 3 countries: Ukraine, Russia and Poland.
    Accordingly, this position implied high level of responsibility and independence.

    The task was further complicated by the fact that other providers in Russia and Poland were looking for the same specialist at the same time with us. Since this specialist was responsible for all 3 countries, it was equally convenient for the customer to hire him in any of these countries.
    It was necessary to find young, independent and experienced financial auditor with knowledge of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), fluent English and experience in one of the Big4 companies.
    This task had to be fulfilled quickly and more accurately than our counterparts from neighboring countries.
    We understood that needed specialists were not actively looking for work.
    But the main challenge in this search was that we should be able to motivate candidates to change jobs while they were already working in well-known companies and had good working conditions and social package.

    Our actions

    First of all, we analyzed the vacancies and highlighted the main advantages and benefits for candidates compared to their current place of work.
    It turned out that the main motivation for changing jobs for such specialists may be the schedule or rather the lack of regular overtime.

    After that we started looking for the right candidate for us and began the first negotiations.
    In the end, our “short list” included 5 candidates, which we presented to the customer.
    They all went through lengthy rounds of interviews with company executives in 3 countries.

    As a result, one of them turned out to be suitable for the position, and an offer was made to him.


    The customer noted us for the accuracy of the selection in this project.
    Our experts provided candidates for consideration who were ideally suited by all parameters for this position.
    Thus, we not only fulfilled the set task, but we did it faster than our counterparts.

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