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    Outplacement of more than 3,000 employees in three days. It’s possible with us.

    Prompt fulfillment of customer needs is our main task. We are ready to take on the most complex and time-consuming projects to allow the client to engage in own core business processes. And when a client needs to launch complex project in a short time frame, it’s the best challenge for us.

    The request to outstaff over 3,000 employees with territorial coverage all over Ukraine in 3 days was a challenge for us which we have successfully coped with.
    What was ahead for us:
    – lack of coordinated communication within the client company;
    – disloyal attitude of the personnel to be outstaffed;
    – low level of competence in the field of labor relations among local managers.

    Our actions

    Our task was to identify and quickly automate processes in accordance with the requirements and specific character of the client’s business.
    Within three days our qualified specialists have done the following work:
    – formalised HR documentation;
    – prepared necessary reports;
    – minimized time required to sign documents;
    – increased the loyalty of each employee;
    – built effective communication with each field manager;
    – prepared all the interaction procedures and broadcast them to the staff.

    The tasks, assigned by the client, were as complex as possible.
    But thanks to well-coordinated work of the ROST GROUP staff the goal was achieved and we did it.
    In a matter of hours, our specialists have changed personnel accounting program, which reduced the time for drawing up documents by 80%.

    We implemented procedures and memorandums that reduced by 70% communication time with the heads of departments throughout Ukraine;
    For successful implementation we went beyond the needs of the client and prepared a bonus, i. e. identified level of competence of staffing services, developed training materials and conducted free training sessions throughout Ukraine without distracting the client from main business processes.


    As a result of cooperation with us, the customer received necessary service in a timely manner.
    Trained employees who till today continue to keep personnel records more efficiently and without violations.
    We gained new experience and another case, which allows us to take on even more complex projects.

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