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    Knowledge and abilities of HR in business process transformation

    Knowledge and abilities of HR in business process transformation

    1. Understands current tasks and situation in the company and can generate plan for HR tasks to achieve business goals.
    2. Able to collect, analyze HR analytics and use data to make decisions based on the information obtained.
    3. Takes advantage of digitalization and new technologies at work.
    4. Able to adapt quickly to changing needs and circumstances (globalization, world pandemic conditions), ready for uncertainty and offering relevant solutions.
    5. Able to multitask.
    6. Able to provide staffing opportunities within the company to help recruit talented candidates, engage them in company development and develop employee leadership skills.
    7. Has advanced communication skills and can resolve conflicts and controversial issues when necessary.
    8. Constantly developing, looking for information about new trends, methods, tools in the field of personnel management and introduces new knowledge in practice, taking into account the needs of the company at the moment.

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